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ShareYourself is an open project management and social engagement platform designed from the ground up to guide your success as a change-maker.

We provide opportunities for creators of social initiative projects, from assistance with direct funding, to grants and partnerships. We also work with impact funding partners to deploy & manage their funding with ease.

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Featured Projects

Some of our most impactful projects

project image
Hand Washing Against Covid-19
Created by Kingsley Adindu

A campaign to encourage public Handwashing by setting up free hand wash stations at public places, as a way of encouraging personal and respiratory hygiene through clean hands, in a bid to control the spread of covid-19 in Nigeria.

project image
Covid-19 Direct Touch Project (for kid's protection)
Created by Obioma Enwereji

To teach the kids how to protect themselves against Covid-19, especially against contractable parents.

project image
Created by Akintunde Aromire

ForTheElderly commits to provide food palliatives and helpful medical information for the elderly in Ogbomoso, as most of them live below the poverty index and have been tagged high-risk by the NCDC.

Featured Grants

Check out some of our recent grants

grant image
Innovate Against Climate Change Uganda
Provided by ShareYourself

Status: Awarded

grant image
Save the Earth for Nature
Provided by ShareYourself
SDG: #13 Climate Change

Status: Awarded

grant image
Share A CODE For Community Grant
Provided by ShareYourself

Status: Awarded

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Our Goals
  • To provide tools that transform the project planning process from a traditionally closed and isolated system, to an open and transparent process.

  • To nurture a like-minded community of Creators and Helpers to get involved as part of a Team, and help others get over hurdles by offering their knowledge and expertise.

  • To do good in the world, and help others do the same, one project at a time.

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