About us

ShareYourself is an online space that helps do-gooders learn, practice, and operate like entrepreneurs, to make it easier to move their ideas to success.

Plenty of people have amazing ideas, but so few of us have all the skills and resources to turn them into something real. ShareYourself (SYS) is an online platform and worldwide community that brings together people who are ready to make a difference, but aren't sure where to start.

SYS is unlike any other do-good platform. We actually help you create new projects, or join up with an existing project, by focusing on sharing valuable skills and passions. Project creators provide the idea and motivation, and SYS will provide everything you need - access to a Team of like-minded people and their skills, fundraising strategies, social media integration, coordination, a network of potential funders, advice from experts, and more - to go from idea, to successful, world-changing project.

Meet our team

Stu McGowan

Founder / CEO

Stu has been a serial entrepreneur since age 8, when he discovered a cool new eraser, one that was basically putty that erased. He then sold it to his elementary school friends, and was immediately bitten by the entreprenurial bug. Now, nearly 50 years later, Stu has founded many socially missioned companies, from the NoodleHead Network (social impact videos made by kids, for kids), to ShoeLess Konstruction (teaching kids and young adults how to renovate dilapidated buildings into affordable housing).

He "retired" some years ago to found ShareYourself, to bring to the world the tools to make social change, and help our SYS community become entrepreneurs, if that’s the direction they want to go.

Lauren McKenna

Co-Founder / Head of User Engagement

With her many years of experience in community support and her long-standing relationship with SYS since it was just a mere seedling, Lauren serves as the resident house mama for the SYS community. This entails being the support line for every SYS user whether it be questions, complaints, challenges, moral support, ideas and/or feedback as well as serving as the liaison between the users and the rest of the SYS team. She’s also a flea and farmer’s market obsessor, has an insatiable appetite for curiosity, is passionate about mental health (among other things) and will never turn down a potluck.

Lam Phan


Lam wears two hats in his role as COO of ShareYourself. He juggles the big-picture ideas as well as managing day-to-day operations. As a relationship-oriented person and believer in the power of community, Lam is proud to work on a platform with a do-good mission which builds and improves communities.

Christopher Lewis


Chris is a veteran full-stack web developer with a knack for minimalistic solutions and thoughtfully crafted code. With a degree in philosophy and an unquenchable thirst for travel, he brings a diverse array of experience to any project. In 2013 he launched GeoPeeker, a web app used by Fortune 500 companies including Google and Amazon. In the meantime, he has served as technical coach to numerous start-ups in Paris, helped the Alzheimer's Association modernize their national web infrastructure, and solved gnarly problems for Bluehouse Group where he oversaw technical operations for over a decade.

Alex Feldman


Beginning his love of computers by switching his friends' faces in Photoshop, Alex has been developing professionally for the last few years. In that time, he graduated Lewis & Clark college, travelled to Budapest, got his act together, all while growing as a developer. After working at an economics analytics firm in Portland, OR, Alex started at ShareYourself in October 2018.

Mitch O'Neill

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mitch studied at Champlain College where he originally planned on focusing on graphic design, until he took an entry level consumer behavior course, and found a new passion for digital marketing. By already having the skills in graphic design, Mitch quickly learned how valuable this skill was in a marketing position compared to his peers who could not create original content to market. This helped to diversify himself from the competition of other young marketing professionals and this helped to land his first position at a start up in Dublin Ireland called Parkpnp where he found another passion, working for startups. Mitch plans to continue to work for startups because he loves being able to do so many different things, while also doing marketing.

Thea Relinski

Copywriting Specialist Intern

Thea is currently studying Professional Writing at Champlain College. Provided that she was adopted from Cambodia and raised by two women in the early 2000s, she was blessed with an incredibly unique perspective on life, relationships, and the considerable impact of a single story. She has spent the past year traveling extensively throughout Europe and has finally landed back in Burlington, Vermont. She has developed her voice vastly as a writer over the past four years and is proud to be able to implement her skills within a platform that is so passionate about social and environmental impact.