Why is Lockdown Not Reducing COVID-19 Cases

I really want this to be looked into and be discussed.
Why has lockdown not reduced the COVID-19 cases?

Question asked on 06/25/20 @ 5:38pm

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In the United States, quarantine has reduced the spread of covid-19. States that ended quarantine prematurely are now facing a drastic rise in cases. The scientific facts prove that quarantine reduces covid-19.

Moreover, ShareYourself will not tolerate the spread of false information that puts our members at risk. Any further questions attempting to circulate covid-19 conspiracy theories will be deleted. Be smart, wear a mask, social distance, and take precautions.

More information on quarantine here
Response posted on 06/30/20 @ 10:14am
The first thing that needs to change is Nigeria’s disjointed coordination of data for evidence-based decision making. For example, the time lapse between sample collection and test results received for suspected cases sometimes exceeds the approximately two week recovery period for mild cases of the disease, instead of the 48 hours benchmark.
Response posted on 08/20/20 @ 5:13pm
 Nice response Mr Musa
Response posted on 08/20/20 @ 6:03pm
Because in Nigeria it is not enforced properly people don't keep social distances anymore
Response posted on 11/08/21 @ 6:23am
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