What are some things you've learned while working on your project?

Hey everyone, out of curiosity I wanted to know if your project on ShareYourself has led to any interesting realizations or things that you learned about yourself that you never knew existed. 

For instance while working on my project on ShareYourself I learned that I struggle when there is a road block in the way. 

Has anyone had similar experiences?  

Question asked on 07/02/20 @ 1:15pm

Nice Mitch. How were you able to overcome this? - Alex Feldman July 2, 2020 2
While working on my project I learnt that I struggle with writing reports. I also discovered that I love working in the field much more than I thought. - KINGSLEY ADINDU July 2, 2020 3
To fix this, I have learnt to work with Google docs, editing and editing until I get a final report. - KINGSLEY ADINDU July 2, 2020 1
I learnt to be patience while looking for anything. SYS has really thought me organising my work not only here but also other reports I need to do.  - Salamatu Taiba July 2, 2020 1
Working with milestones and tasks helping me to complete my project in line with the plan. From the SYS platform, I have learned more available able teamwork. - Foeday Zinnah July 3, 2020 1
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Road blocks seem usual. 
For me, I often get something positive to distract myself a little bit, could be another project but not similar. After a short while, I get back to initial with road block and realize I perform better, sometimes I don't even notice the blocks anymore.
Response posted on 07/02/20 @ 7:08pm
My project made me realize that regular updates are really hard for me. Visiting the shareyourself site and seeing that of other projects is usually like a call to action for me.
Response posted on 07/03/20 @ 1:45am
What I learnt is that no matter how best you plan, this can still go the other way. We made the plans but COVID-19 came and shook us.
I learnt to be more RESILIENT and not give up. For instance, the last part of my project was meant to be done physical event but had to be done virtually.

Response posted on 07/03/20 @ 2:05am
Working on my project really helped me to learn good communication skills, how to recruit more volunteers, manage and motivate volunteers so as to stay committed for the project goals and objectives. But the most amazing thing is that doing good to people shouldn't have an end. The hunger to do more on social impact  project doesn't seems to disappear/end.
Response posted on 07/03/20 @ 8:53am
Using this platform, I have understood how to use project management tools like milestones and tasks to meet targeted plans. Moreover, good communication skills are another meaningful experience I am getting from here every day. Moreover, the unique spaces for project updates, and meeting changemakers on the platform keep me moving forward with what I love doing.
Response posted on 08/04/20 @ 11:36am
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