How can we continue to educate youths safely during COVID-19?

Youths have been out of school for a very long time, has anyone thought of or have seen any unique ways to safely educate the youths? 

Question asked on 07/28/20 @ 12:15pm

Use of Digital technology platforms will provide an opportunity for children & youths to keep learning, take part in play and keep in touch with their friends.  - Monday Olu Ilelanwo July 29, 2020 1
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Khan Academy is always good for reviewing material

Response posted on 07/29/20 @ 5:00pm
Farm-Global technologies is an agro-subsidiary of DARBOT ONE-STOP TECH HUB, and Nigeria's one-stop Agricultural / Agribusiness portal connecting producers, existing farmers, young aspiring farmers (youths), actors, players and all Agricultural stakeholders to agricultural resources, information and opportunities by making use of sound cutting-edge technologies and trainings to bring about maximum agricultural yield.


Our company can be described as a #COVID19 #Emerging #Agribusiness because we have been leveraging digital tools (trainings, ecommerce, forum, etc) effectively before and inception of COVID-19 to reach out to all our audience, thus, resulting to less human interactions and contributing to reduction of COVID19 transmission.



_We have trained, inducted and certified online a total of 190 participants (Farmers, Youths, Women) in 3 Regiments for just a token. We trained them on a total of 9 Extensive Masterclasses (poultry, rabbitry, plantain, cucumber, organic farming, GIS, digital marketing in agriculture, accessing funds). 

_We experienced 40% increase in premium subscribers and revenue

_15 world class instructors engaged both locally and internationally. 

_10 Agribusinesses partnered with

_Over 2000 participants taken on free online agribusiness training in the last 6 months



_The young aspiring farmers would be proud respective owners of personal farms developed using modern digital tools through unrelenting assistance from our team of experts. However, some have commenced their farming projects. 

_This will keep them engaged positively, increase their income and reduce crime rate during this period and beyond at affordable costs. The 4th Regiment will commence in August, 2020.

_Through our platform, existing farmers are able to make SMART DECISIONS leading to INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY, INCREASED REVENUE, thus, leading to a SUSTAINABLE AFRICAN ECONOMY
_Our business is contributing to goal 1, 2 and 8 of the SDGs which are No Poverty, No hunger, Decent work and economic growth.
_A world-bank report says that Africa’s farmers and agribusinesses could create a trillion-dollar food market by 2030 if they can expand their access to more capital, electricity and better technology. Our business is contributing greatly to the technological aspect


Attached to this post is an image showing amazing #testimonials from some our trainees cut across the 3 Regiments. You can also watch testimonials here: 

Take a look on all our activities from our social media platforms here: 

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Our next set of trainings will commence on August 10, 2020

Registration link
Response posted on 07/30/20 @ 2:56am
Young people most affected by school closure have been children in disadvanatged, hard-to-reach areas whose parents can not afford the high cost of ingternet services and tech devices that will enable them to benefit from online/distance learning.

To this end, The Sustainability Hub is working to design environmental education classes for children in these disasvantaged communties so as to:
1. Engage them meaningfully during this period, away from social vices which are prevalent.
2. Familiarise them with environmental/climate changeeducation for them to develop the values and motivation for sustainable environmental management as they grow.
3. Exposse them to the endless psssbilities pf green jobs and how they can from now engage in economically productive ventures that can help support their schooling to augment whattever their parents provide.

We are open to support and collaborations o make this happen.

Together, we keep working for a healthy planet and people!
Response posted on 08/04/20 @ 6:00am
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of children have been out of school and learning nothing. The new normal for most developed countries is eLearning. The bad news is, those over millions of kids who are out of school are from some developing nations which have poor technology to meet the new normal. Here the best way, there should be all health protocols pit in place to protect those kids and schools should report for face to face. 

Recommendations for developing countries who can't go virtually with learning:
1. Reduce the students' capacity in each classroom. 
2. Create more class sessions to accept everyone back to school.
3. Every student should wear on their nose mask on campus, over the social distancing, do temperatures testing,
4. Build a health policy and have first AIM clinical attention on campus.

I believe those recommendations can be used to allow us to live COVID-19 and go back to normal. 
Response posted on 08/04/20 @ 11:47am
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