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I was a particular slum Community recently for an outreach and sadly I saw numbers of women whom have nothing to eat but only depend on what NGOs provide for them and the dangerous part is many of children that are schooling may not resume back to school as the children are now hawking for their parents to eat. What are we putting in place to suport this situation?

Question asked on 08/20/20 @ 3:53am, edited on 08/20/20 @ 12:14pm

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The situation is actually terrible brother. The marginalized people were really marginalized during Covid19 Lockdown
Response posted on 08/21/20 @ 7:32pm
I suggest that instead of giving them temporary handouts only, for the communities to become resilient and the projects to be sustainable, we must give them a hand-up, by teaching them skills that will empower them to feed after we have left. The women can be taught vocational skills that are relevant to their local situation, if they have small business, they can form a cooperative and set up a loan scheme to scale their businesses and the children can be taught to convert waste to wealth or digital skills. Sustainability is key!
Response posted on 09/21/20 @ 6:33pm
Strict Government policy enforcement on banning street hawking, advocate free education, entrepreneurship training and business support to this women after the training course will do some magic at stopping this menace. 
Response posted on 03/04/21 @ 6:07am, edited on 03/04/21 @ 6:08am
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