How did you respond to people dumping waste anyhow? I think we all should environmentally conscious.

Question asked on 08/22/20 @ 2:39am

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I totally agree with you. I am always perplexed when I see people trash their waste indiscriminately. I believe if we put in more effort, like creating a neighbourhood dumpsite where waste can be segregated and properly assembled for collection by the government authority responsible for waste disposal. The environment will be safer and better.

Response posted on 09/21/20 @ 5:51pm
Legal and institutional frameworks should  be establish and strictly  adhere to mitigate the menace of indiscriminate waste disposal and other environmental problem in cities, towns,  urban centres and communities etc. 
Our communities or neighborhoods lack a system of collective action to keep our surroundings clean with penalties enforced to bring violators to bear the brunt of their transgressions. Reckless dumping of waste has remained phenomenal and intractable in most developing countries due to lack of stakeholder engagement and partnering in environmental protection/sanitation projects.
Response posted on 09/29/20 @ 6:34pm
That's true but we can also help by teaching the younger ones not to throw dirt any how but rather look for a trash can or dustbin to put them inside. If we fail we can correct it by teaching those coming after us 
Response posted on 02/02/21 @ 3:07pm
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