How did Covid-19 change your teaching & learning during school shutdown as a teacher,
for better or worse?

Question asked on 08/22/20 @ 6:05pm

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honestly think this challenge has changed me for the better. It confirms for me the need for face-to-face interaction and instruction. 
Many of my students are not doing the level of work that they would in class because they don't have me physically there to hold them accountable. 
Many of their parents work and don't understand the material, If they do not have a computer, the children are working on their own and the parents are not really helping. I teach at a Title, I school with extended hours to help the struggling students. That support has been taken away. Technology is great, but overall for the students who need the most help, it does not serve them well.
Response posted on 08/22/20 @ 7:23pm
I'm still trying to figure out if it's for better or worse, I'm more adaptable, less motivated due to covid-19 school shutdown. This has pushed me to try new technology and resources that I never had time for, I seriously missed my students for physical classes.

Response posted on 08/22/20 @ 7:36pm
I think it's made me a better teacher already. I've always thought of myself as an innovator. This has really pushed the innovation envelope. 
The shift to remote learning during this corona virus lockdown reatriction didn't change my practice, but only the delivery.
 I think it is important to be flexible and prepared for anything. The positive change is how fast I found myself learning and embracing the format of technology that I didn't choose in the past. Once school returns, I will always make videos of lessons to reach out to those who are home-bound and we will be better connected than before.
I truly missed the "face to face teacher to students relationship and interactions"!
Response posted on 08/22/20 @ 7:48pm
Great insight from each and everyone of you. 

I'm learning even more reading through all of your responses. 
Response posted on 08/23/20 @ 12:58pm
Mr Sir Michael, we also need your inputs even if you're not a tutor. I know covid-19 pandemic had changed the way you do things, in your environment.
Response posted on 08/23/20 @ 4:03pm
It has made me realize how much I enjoy being in the classroom even after 10 years of teaching. To be sincere, I  was not prepared for teaching online the way the younger teachers were and I wasn't ready for the loss of contact. The learning curve was steep and I'm still learning. Still grieving the loss of the way teaching used to be. I'm trying to find ways to continue that remotely.
Better i have ve learned a lot more technological tools; email is helping me talk one-on-one with students. Worse: I haven't figured out how to assess students at all.
Response posted on 08/23/20 @ 4:13pm
I'm a special education teacher; having the students move away from a physical class where I am there to teach and answer questions immediately and where I could read the body language and facial expressions of my students takes away from my effectiveness as a teacher, relationship building, and the personal touch that special education students need. I wish we can go back to our conventional mode of teaching, most students needs tutor's physical supports!
Response posted on 08/23/20 @ 4:34pm
It makes me better by becoming extra creative. Teaching kindergarten remotely has been an adventure for me. I am glad that I developed strong relationships with my kindergarten families prior to the start of covid-19 school shutdown, because it has made the transition smooth, and I have been able to connect with all of my students each week via zoom. Remote learning has validated that teaching is my calling. I love greeting my students each morning and learning all about them. I love hearing their stories and getting my daily hugs. I love watching the children play at recess, creating new games, and including new friends. The human connection side of teaching is what I value most, and with remote teaching, it just doesn't feel the same. This question made me to have a deep thoughts on my teaching experiences and delivery.
Response posted on 08/23/20 @ 5:58pm
It makes me come out of my comfort zone in relation to use of technology. I was using some educational tools for research but during this covid-19 school shutdown it makes it hard to train this students on how to use this apps, due to lack of internet services in some remote communities, it makes learning delivery and connecting to your students almost difficult.
Response posted on 08/24/20 @ 7:21am
Read some amazing response.
Response posted on 08/24/20 @ 5:12pm
Thank you Mr Olatunde.
Response posted on 08/24/20 @ 5:34pm
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