What is the best way to ask a question?

Hi, I'm Alex and I work at ShareYourself. One of my roles here is to help moderate the Ask forum. I love the attention this part of the site is receiving and thought it would be helpful if I created an example of a successful question. In this exercise, I'm going to make up a question regarding my garden.

1) The title of your question should be the question itself. The goal here is to succinctly provide enough details so one can identify the problem. For instance:

bad: tomatoes
good: How to tell when tomatoes are ready to be harvested?

Based on the title of the good question, we can quickly understand what this question is about and respond appropriately.

2) In your question's description, use text, images, or a combination of the two to be as verbose as possible. A good place to start is by expanding on the summary you put in the title. Imagine you're trying to respond to someone else's question, what information can you include that would be helpful for one to answer.

"I'm growing tomatoes on my patio. We predominantly have afternoon sun and are in planting zone 7b. I've attached a photo of one of the tomatoes..."

Many questions need nuanced answers; by providing specific information in the question's description (in this excerpt: the sun's position, grow zone, and an example photo) one can provide a better tuned answer.

3) Tag your questions. By tagging your question, you induct it into the ShareYourself universe. In this example, I would tag this question "tomato" and "gardening" (no need for quotations when writing your own tags). If one were to search either tag, this question would be included in the results. By using simpler tags, my question is more likely to be found when searching.

4) Reread your question's title, description, and tags. Does it make sense? Would someone trying to answer be able to understand your thoughts? Proof reading goes a long way in making your question successful, but don't sweat it too much; you can always edit your question if you need to.

5) Search to see if your question has already been answered. Other people may have asked or answered a similar question. If there was a previous question about tomatoes or gardening, I would search that first as to see if my question was already answered.

Please refer to our Ask Moderation policies for more information or if you have specific questions, please feel free to message me. Questions regarding the site, support issues, or bug reports should be reported via the Support Center.
Policies: https://shareyourself.org/help/ask
Support Center: https://shareyourself.org/support

Thanks and happy posting

Question asked on 09/04/20 @ 12:28pm

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Thanks Alex for the comprehensive break on how to get result when we ask question.
Response posted on 09/05/20 @ 1:40am
I also believe that one of the set back for many of the questioners is that they probably might not have been able to navigate their through the platform yet and so many are still searching the water to know what work best, however, with this great insight from your post now ,I believe there Will be a great improvement.

Once again, thanks for this insights.
Response posted on 09/05/20 @ 1:44am
The explanation is very commendable.
Response posted on 09/06/20 @ 11:00am
Great explanation!
Response posted on 09/18/20 @ 8:54am
This question came at the right time everyone needs it. It improved my use of photo attachments to help explain in detail what words can't explain better. 
Response posted on 03/04/21 @ 5:50am
Thank you very much i can now ask questions
Response posted on 11/08/21 @ 6:18am
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