Six month's after COVID-19 was declared pandemic, how will Museum's preserved this period for posterity?

Question asked on 09/12/20 @ 11:27am

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Museums can collect objects such as bottles of hand sanitizers, facemasks, shields and multimedia files documenting the new normal, like having meetings on zoom, physical distancing, concerts online, logistics companies delivering items, and photographs of people at the peak of the pandemic so that visitors can see the pictures and listen to interview excerpts on their cell phones in the museums.  People’s experiences—via TikTok and YouTube videos, Zoom screenshots and recordings, workplace emails about safety protocols, text messages about keeping busy during lockdown, and pictures of drug-store shelves stripped bare of disinfecting products. People can even submit their own pandemic stories to museums.

Response posted on 09/21/20 @ 6:09pm
Waaaaaaaaw....  This is the insight. Thank you Bitebo for the concise response. You hit the nail on the head. 
Response posted on 09/22/20 @ 3:29am
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