Covid-19 and the impact on the future of work

How has Covid-19 rapidly changed the future of work and how can young people take advantage of these changes?

Question asked on 09/22/20 @ 10:05am

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People with access to technology can work remotely although I think offices are better because they're conducive for knowledge spillovers. I could be wrong, however.

I can definitely see some folks working remotely. It makes sense for a lot of people.

Young people can learn new skills if they have access to the internet, and the desire. edX, Coursera, GitHub, YouTube (to name a few) are brilliant if you know where to look for the right things. Formal education, although preferable, doesn't matter as much as it used to. Universities are hosting online courses, some of them for free; MIT OpenCourseware comes to mind. The world is only a few clicks away.
Response posted on 10/30/20 @ 11:37am
Covid-19 came at a time nobody expected it but i believe it has a positive impact on the future of work
During the lockdown people were able to think and find a way to survive without going for their normal day job, 
It trained us to survive in a very tough situation, 
And due to covid-19 most people now have handwork(vocations) i even learnt  Music Production during the lockdown 

Response posted on 01/02/21 @ 1:30am
IT and technology is at forefront to help curb the impact of Covid-19. 
Working from home is at the centre stage now so as to avoid overcrowding at work place. 
Response posted on 03/04/21 @ 5:31am
Thank you guys for all your insightful answers. 
Response posted on 05/11/21 @ 6:05pm
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