What goals have you set for yourself? Your team? Your project?

The ShareYourself team would like to hear a little bit more about how you, our users, set and accomplish goals. In one or two sentences, tell us some of your goals, long and/or short term! 

Question asked on 04/02/21 @ 2:12pm

The goals behind my project are. 1. Creating awareness, sensitization, mobilization and empowering the general public particularly youth and children in taking a positive actions for global climate justice. 2. Enducing the culture of tree planting in to the heart of children. 3. Preventing deforestation in the future. 4. Regreening environment. 5. To achieve an eco-friendly environment where both the present and future generations will enjoy, protected and have a healthy environment for sustainable development. - Shafiu Aminu April 4, 2021 2
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The goal I set for myself is in 2030 I went to see every child a class room, not just a class but a class room equipped with the necessary learning tools and qualified teachers. My team goal is to rescue the abandoned children in our locality if those children are rescued then my team have achieved their goal. My project goal is sending children back to their classes and also equipping those classes with necessary tools and also make standard roofing as raining season is approaching 
Response posted on 04/04/21 @ 3:05am
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