What goals have you set for yourself? Your team? Your project?

The ShareYourself team would like to hear a little bit more about how you, our users, set and accomplish goals. In one or two sentences, tell us some of your goals, long and/or short term! 

Question asked on 04/02/21 @ 2:12pm

The goals behind my project are. 1. Creating awareness, sensitization, mobilization and empowering the general public particularly youth and children in taking a positive actions for global climate justice. 2. Enducing the culture of tree planting in to the heart of children. 3. Preventing deforestation in the future. 4. Regreening environment. 5. To achieve an eco-friendly environment where both the present and future generations will enjoy, protected and have a healthy environment for sustainable development. - Shafiu Aminu April 4, 2021 8
The goal is to make the children understand English and make good use of it. Make them speak and write it well because nowadays English is very important
My team and I are ready to do our very best to make the children understand English and like it
The project is about making the children someone that can understand, speak and write English, to make them benefit from this wonderful and worldwide language that is very important today. - Ketlyne Jean felix May 26, 2021 2
Wow! What a wonderful goals - May 28, 2021 2
My goal in life is to be that person who people will look up too,where people will see me nd said it's because of me they were where they are,I want to be a inspiration  and hope to the people in my immediate environment and the society at Large, I am networker with the big dream, my dream is to  eradicate poverty in the land and to creat  a society where the rich and poor have  eqaul right, where every child will be off the road ,where every child will be in the class room schooling. - May 28, 2021 4
My goal is to bring positive changes and development to my communities. - Shafiu Aminu May 29, 2021 4
Jean, this is wonderful. Can’t wait for you to start teaching the kids at Damabiah how to speak English. It will literally change their lives for the better. - Stu McGowan May 29, 2021 4
My goal is to be an agent of change and impact positivity on my community. - Ibrahim Aminu June 17, 2021 5
My goal is to make a positive contribution in the lives of vulnerable children (Girls and Boys) in my community through education and climate actions. - Agboloko Emmanuel July 15, 2021 1
what i believe is that no problem cant solve, you can only relieve it. therefore the purpose behind my project is to relieve my immidiate society has much as ALMIGHTY GOD give me the ability. - Baba Mustapha July 16, 2021 1
To train trainers to be the voice of the voiceless, for the purpose of bringing change in communities - Sarudzayi Nyandoro August 31, 2021 1
To cover our entire community land with trees of various types - wood, fruits, shade, and above all those that withstand harsh environment. - Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
Involve our community members in tee planting to be come a model village and parish in the region. - Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
Improve my community cultural practices that are detrimental to environment through creating awareness and doing it by example. - Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
Set up demonstration tree nursery beds and share the seedlings for free among my community. - Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
Ensure the trees raised in our nursery beds are those that my community are familiar with and can be commercialised In a long run
- Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
To set up community based security teams to protect the environment - Yaqub Patrik OKOU September 5, 2021 1
Providing clean and accessible water to the rural community's in Adamawa state - Samuel Ezra September 9, 2021 1
Be more proactive.
Be persistent despite obstacles.
Learn to accept your limits.
Learn how to make effective decisions.
Practice gratitude.
Stay open-minded to new opportunities. - Vershima Iorember September 13, 2021 2
Be more productive 💪 - Bassey Life Fredrick September 16, 2021 1
Health Educate the Girls and parents in the rural localities - Bassey Life Fredrick September 16, 2021 1
To help reach poor and vulnerable people and children in the society using social media - Mgbabor samuel Nwite September 20, 2021 1
To be sure the poor old people in community are properly taken care of. - Echie Ogemdi Justin October 2, 2021 1
To raise more environmental conscious community advocate. - Abdulsalam Ashade October 4, 2021 2
To help School going and reduce the impact of climate change - Mathews Mulenga October 18, 2021 2
To see how I can impact a simple change on humanity which can go a long way through educating and discussing a positive way humans can live a better life through tolerance,cleanliness, assistance ,healthy living and saving our planet . - Morrison Okonkwor October 29, 2021 1
I wish to study and finish up next year.. Make a 1,000 video community one minute videos.. telling people's ways of life and making a 1,000 team members - Eli Tumwine October 30, 2021 1
Our goals would be great - Gidudu Erich Ezra October 31, 2021 1
Our goals....to ensure everyone lives happily..to ensure more life expectancy..to ensure everyone gets best treatment and care.. and everyone get affordable housing and medical care
- Gidudu Erich Ezra October 31, 2021 2
Our goals are to help reduce period poverty and make sure that every girl is comfortable both physically and emotionally - Mitchell Miriam November 1, 2021 2
Live mattering alot in the world, we have decided to say no to those in agony,sorrow and especially the orphans by grooming them into certain talents and also discovering their talents to live a better talented life with happiness and joy. - Byaruhanga Gerald November 2, 2021 1
We set SMART goals, though the vision is big we have divided them into short, medium and long terms for better performance, effectiveness and achievement. Our immediate goal is youths development and empowerment - train/teach them on good developmental attitudes and create jobs for them/make them employers of labour - Oluseyi David AKINBOADE November 5, 2021 1
I and my team goal is to to help the girl child become important and educated in the community - November 5, 2021 1
Myself and my team are focused in bringing the people into skilful productivity with heavy focus inspiring them to become great entrepreneur and this have been happening, but more support is needed to reach more than reached - Andrew Olorunyomi November 19, 2021
We have a dream to improve our environment by fighting against climate change and improving green house emission,just as it is said that the three basic necessity of man is food, shelter and clothing,after saving the planet our other primary goal is improve food security because the population is rising and technology is improve more than agronomy which will lead to the scarcity of food ,i believe that through this means many will make a living and struggle for a better life - Ojobor luke onyedikachi November 20, 2021 2
Provision of clean water for my host community, The need for good water and sanitation is widely recognized as an essential component of
social and economic development. The provision of water supply and sanitation services
addresses some of the most critical needs of people. Safe water and good sanitation are
essential to the protection of community health by limiting the transmission of infectious
diseases and by assisting in the maintenance of a sanitary home environment. At the
same time, they contribute greatly to the enhancement of human dignity. - Eunice Umeche November 22, 2021 2
My goal is to impact positively the live of the vulnerable through projects that will sparkle their spirit. - Musa Aminat November 22, 2021 1
When setting goals for myself, I choose to follow the SMART goal method, where I apply specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound objectives to help me reach my goals. Start by identifying things I am passionate or care deeply about, and determine what I want your life to be like in the future. Here are 20 personal goals I use as inspiration for setting my own goals:

Improve my growth mindset.
Be more proactive.
Learn to understand myself.
Be persistent despite obstacles.
Learn to accept my limits.
Learn how to make effective decisions.
Practice gratitude.
Stay open-minded to new opportunities.
Learn something new.
Live according to my values.
Learn healthy ways to cope with stress.
Recreate my work-life balance.
Start good habits.
Consider leaving behind expectations.
Learn from failure.
Eliminate bad habits.
Improve my communication skills.
Avoid negativity in the workplace.
Improve my financial management skills.
Develop time management skills. - Onyebuchi Emodi November 25, 2021 1
My goal is to make God love reigns through out the World, by saving her with all the gift God gave me. - Adeyanju Abidemi November 26, 2021
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The goal I set for myself is in 2030 I went to see every child a class room, not just a class but a class room equipped with the necessary learning tools and qualified teachers. My team goal is to rescue the abandoned children in our locality if those children are rescued then my team have achieved their goal. My project goal is sending children back to their classes and also equipping those classes with necessary tools and also make standard roofing as raining season is approaching 
Response posted on 04/04/21 @ 3:05am
Rescue A Girl project is a continuation lifetime to impact the most vulnerable women and girls especially in marginalised communities, IDP camps and schools. It's very important to us to reach them and ensure we impact them directly through empowering and educating them with knowledge on good hygiene and skills on reusable pads product. Doing so will help a lot of women and girls who face stigma and discrimination in their various communities. To make sure we reach out target, we mark our goal to see if we can make it possible to impact 2000 beneficiaries this year. It will be possible and a longtime achievement ever not just in Nigeria. We hope to share this knowledge especially in Africa continents.
Response posted on 05/01/21 @ 4:02am
While the Effective Inclusion of Children and Community in Educational Development will be a strong push storytelling project and also a learning aids to slum communities in 6 northern Nigeria states. Especially the disadvantaged children affected by poverty, insecurity and conflict in Nigeria. We will create a documentary on the important of children inclusion in school, which will be discuss with both stakeholders, parents and students. It will mark out challenges of education development in Nigeria. We hope to impact 5000 children before the 2030 agenda of the SDGs. It will start very soon as possible, thank you.
Response posted on 05/01/21 @ 4:09am
My goal is to be an all-around achiever of development, I always inspire and motivate my team to serve beyond their own expectations and we all aim towards achieving 100% school enrollment, retention and completion in underserved communities.
Response posted on 05/04/21 @ 7:08am
Learning poverty has been a very crucial problme our people are facing in nasarawa State Child Hope Foundation went round some selected public Primary Schools in the state capital I.e  LEA Primary School Ung. Waje and St. James Primary school Lafia respectively to ascertain the learning environment of the underprivileged children.  

In our physical assessment  we made to understand how deteriorated  and dilapidated our public schools are, there is no conducive learning atmosphere and no adequate learning facilities for the vulnerable children to acquire the expected knowledge.  

In our findings , The schools were abandoned with no standard infrastructures, no learning facilities and no adequate teaching staffs. It's disheartening a school with over 1000 pupils is having only 5 class teachers, almost 200 students in a single dilapidated class sitting on bare floor to Learn.   
students don’t even have writing materials, chairs to sit not to talk of a library to read📚.  Worst is  that, the classes are dilapidated and roofs are all open. Management have been complaining to the government for over two years andd yet  no serious action is taking. The headmaster stated that the last time the roofs opened, it was the staff contributed money and fixed. Sadly, the roofs are still not in good shape now and we are approaching raining season. Students may stop going to school to avoid being wet in while in school.
Response posted on 05/04/21 @ 10:31am
JeansToBag Project was born out of empathy. Have you ever used polythene bag to carry books to school before, I bet the experience was filled days you were teased by your colleagues, days when your polythene bag got torn and your books scattered everywhere. These are just a few points to picture some of the horrible experiences of a child who just want to learn and become a great leader.

Our project seeks to pass it forward to these children, we seek to put smile on their faces by donating a school bags to them to support their learning.

We do not just donate school bags, we make the environment cleaner. We do these through re-use, re-cycle and reduction of stress on natural resources. Our bags are made from old jeans people want to throw to dumpsites. We also generate job employment for that woman who could not feed are family because she's not financially capable. Throughout this project we train a woman with the skills to be able to make school bags. At the end of the project, we will set her up and she can begin to earn an income for her family.

This is our goal concerning the Jeans to Bag project and we need a $1000 to be able to meet this goal.

Your support will not only help us make great bags, it will make the environment cleaner and put food on the on the table of some families.
Response posted on 05/05/21 @ 1:16am
1.My goal is to create an alternative source of income for the communities living around the National Park so that they can stop encroaching on our wildlife for their survival. 
2. To ensure that communities living around the National park live in harmony with wildlife.
3. To ensure that Youth and Women from the communities around National Parks get a sustainable source of income because products from beekeeping like honey, beeswax, and propolis have a ready market both locally and internationally.
Response posted on 05/05/21 @ 12:06pm, edited on 05/05/21 @ 12:15pm
NM House aims at providing a healthy, safe environment between now and 2035 for Street dwelling street kids and other vulnerable in Cameroon to thrive and grow, by providing decent housing, education, healthcare, life skills and vocational-Entrepreneurship training. 
Our strategies are gender susceptible to guarantee all benefits. We attribute individual coaches and mentors for both genders who focus on core areas of their lives; Character (building their personality as a whole), Intimacy (their Convictions, Perspectives and priorities ) and impact (their relationship with others and how to give back to Humanity).  All our programs are managed and supervise by experts.
We believe every generation has the opportunity to develop and nurture its potential.
Response posted on 05/05/21 @ 8:45pm
The goal is to make the children understand English and make good use of it. Make them speak and write it well because nowadays English is very important
My team and I are ready to do our very best to make the children understand English and like it
The project is about making the children someone that can understand, speak and write English, to make them benefit from this wonderful and worldwide language that is very important today.
Response posted on 05/26/21 @ 6:36am
My goal in life is to be that person who people will look up too,where people will see me nd said it's because of me they were where they are,I want to be a inspiration  and hope to the people in my immediate environment and the society at Large, I am networker with the big dream, my dream is to  eradicate poverty in the land and to creat  a society where the rich and poor have  eqaul right, where every child will be off the road ,where every child will be in the class room schooling.
Response posted on 05/28/21 @ 5:45pm
My goal is to create a framework to advance support for the boy and the girl child
Response posted on 06/05/21 @ 8:11am
My goal in life is to leave people, places and situations better than I meet them by intentionally supporting people's dreams through mentoring and coaching.  My organization's short-term goals are; 1) To donate 50,000 books to underserved communities by 2023. Our long-term goal is to create a solar-powered tablet that will include academic curriculum and fiction for our beneficiaries in underserved communities by 2030. 2)  To equip 1,200 disadvantaged youth in market-relevant skills in technology, entrepreneurship, vocational jobs and non-technical jobs by 2023. Our long-term goal is to have a social impact initiative with 65% employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by 2035. 3). To promote disability inclusion through advocacy materials and our projects to mainstream disability inclusion.
Response posted on 06/11/21 @ 11:06am
Bitebo, your timing is perfect. Go onto ShareYourself, create your project, activate the donate button, then follow these instructions to raise the $. Super easy, if you follow the instructions and do them, you’ll raise whatever you want.

Response posted on 06/11/21 @ 7:00pm
My goals is to reach 2,000 women and girls this year through my project Rescue A Girl. 
Response posted on 06/14/21 @ 2:07am
1. Our Goal is to reach out to 5000 Girls with Menstrual Hygiene information and skills on how to make Reusable Pads.
2. Organize a Dialogue between the Government, CSOs, Private Sectors and Media on How to review Policies guiding Menstraul Hygiene Management in Enugu 
3. Continue to engage boys and men in generating discussion around Menstruation 🩸
Response posted on 06/14/21 @ 3:25am
For my #GoGreenPlateau project, our short term goal is to be able to Plateau 17,000 trees across Plateau State, Nigeria to help in the struggle to restore our ecosystem while for our long term goal is to be able to Plateau 774,000 trees across Nigeria by the year 2030.
Response posted on 06/14/21 @ 3:51am

I love these questions so much! 

Can anybody really say he or she have achieved anything without goals been set and followed? You may be favored by life processes, but that is not an achievement. You didn't work for it, it happened by chance. Achievements are followed with set goals and hard work towards them. For people to know if or not they have achieved any single thing in life they have to set goals and work with high commitment to achieve them. It's only when a set goal comes to past that said to be an achievement. Goals are actually set with passion. You can not set goals to achieve what you do not like.

As an individual, now at the age of 23, I have just but a few goals to work for in the next 5 years (2021-2026). 

1. To create an empire or a system that can create jobs for the low class people, and to impact some portions of the poor's living standard with some high life needed products.

2. To impact the environment by initiating and developing projects that can release pressure  on the ecosystems, and help it restore itself.

I hope to build the most strong, and creative team of humans who have the same passion as me, and can work with zee and energy to achieve our set goals. Apart from working as a team. i hope that this individuals can thrive independently on their own and be a pillar to the society tomorrow.

The current project I and my team are doing is Project ECO-RETRIEVE. Project Eco-Retrieve is working with the prime goal of helping the ecosystems restore naturally. The project is focus on rural communities that practice agriculture and often uses chemical insecticides to control insect pest. Our short them goal is to provide the local farmers with a new knowledge and  innovation that can help them solve their pest problems without much cost and harmful effect on the environment.

Response posted on 06/14/21 @ 4:55am, edited on 06/14/21 @ 4:59am
Thinking how to reach more funds you can kindly donate to my project: https://shareyourself.org/project_detail/external/id/1042/activity/zkkjxgz/share/1

With the CODE grant in collaboration with ShareYourself, we are able to impact by training over 300 women and girls on reusable pads production to #EndPeriodPoverty. In the future, I am humble look forward for more adequately funding or grant from ShareYourself to #PushItOn with my project with a target of 2,000 lives. I am hopeful it will be a key for self empowerment and economic independent for women and girls especially in IDP camps and marginalized places. The following are my additional strategy to see the sustainability of the impact achievement: 
1. A goal for 2020 is to reach 2,000 women and girls. While we will also distribute free reusable pads. 

2. Peer groups discussion on important and appropriate practices of menstrual hygiene management. 

3. Data Collection to understand our beneficiaries experience on our sustainable solution toward reusable pads and other products. 

4. Most of our work will focus in IDP camps and Schools. 

5. In advancing to achieve our goals the involvement of boys and men will be high engaged to achieve our effort around the menstruation to end the stigma and taboo's! 

Thank you! 
For any information kindly mail me or reach me as follow: 
Twitter: @ActivistNdasadu
Phone: +2348167185897
Response posted on 06/27/21 @ 5:37am
Together with my team, our overall goal is to improve menstrual hygiene of with re usable pads in Rwobuyenje primary school, this will increase girls access to education with dignity
Response posted on 07/24/21 @ 11:30am
1- The project team will provide materials for making reusable sanitary pads and also train girls on how to make them
2- Sensitize the girls on how to use the reusable pads and on the general menstrual hygiene 
Response posted on 07/24/21 @ 11:51am
My passion in life is to be a source of motivation and inspiration to my community and generation at large through investment of knowledge, strength, skills and resources to yield a positive impact that will at least elevate someone from the level of hopelessness to a confident state where the brightest side of life can be experienced. In lieu of the aforementioned, my team and I, considering the devastating effects of conflicts as a result of land use for cultivation and herding, developed among other things, a project with the following goals;
1. To encourage agricultural diversification through involvement in other agricultural practices (particularly poultry farming) other than cultivation and herding which is a major cause of conflicts between cultivators and herders.
2. To create awareness and education on how land used for agricultural purposes can be maximized 
3. Empowerment to mitigate starvation and poverty, and encourage self reliance truncating food insecurity and hardship.

Our target beneficiaries are widows, orphans, less privileged and displaced farmers as well as their families.
-Festus Dearsley
Response posted on 08/08/21 @ 3:54pm, edited on 08/08/21 @ 4:11pm
To contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.
Response posted on 08/09/21 @ 12:15pm
Our #PlantAMangrove Project is one of the #SaveNigeriaMangroves Campaign projects aimed at restoring degraded and depleted Mangrove Ecosystems in the Niger Delta. The goal is to plant upward of 50,000 mangroves annually for the next 10 years in line with the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.
Response posted on 08/24/21 @ 9:15pm
My goal is to be happy fainancaly and help my wife her calling of taking care of pregnant mother in time of giving birth,and 
Response posted on 11/01/21 @ 1:53am
We focus on Empowering Women and Girls. We are concerned about the desperate conditions of Impoverished Marginalized Rural Women and Girls; especially women who are adversely affected by the Socio-economic imbalance. Our programs target the Impoverished vulnerable and marginalized women
Response posted on 11/02/21 @ 5:14am
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