Climate kids Question

What will be your respond to a kid that ask if the world is going to end if he or she doesn't contribute to climate education? The question was asked by one of the kids that recently joined our club.

Although the question was answered but I want to get your view on how you would respond to the kid

Question asked on 05/06/21 @ 4:42am

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My response would be; No, the world is not going to end at least not immediately, but as humans the world does so much for us- keeping us alive, providing us with food and water, as well as being our home- and we all have a duty to protect it. Children can do this in so many ways !! This includes conserving energy where possible such as turning of lights and fans when not in use and even conserving water and recycling.
Response posted on 05/06/21 @ 8:18am
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