Why are most African government not yet sitting up to climate change issue?

Climate change seems to still be viewed as a myth to many especially Africans. Almost nothing is being done about it.

Question asked on 07/10/21 @ 5:23am

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It's all about perspective and priorities

Most of our leaders do not yet see the need but I believe with our collective effort we will get their attention in no distant time.

My thoughts though.
Response posted on 07/14/21 @ 4:29pm
I think that the leaders have not been very willing to put the Paris Agreement to action for lack of political will.

Also, I believe that the people are not doing enough in holding the leaders accountable. We need to do more and raise our voices, ask questions, engage government, policy makers and of course all relevant stakeholder to be transparent, accountable and responsible with respect to issues of the environment and particularly climate change.
Response posted on 07/16/21 @ 8:56am
I think many of them are not just interested in implementing the Paris Agreement because they and there families are in better position to no be affected from cliamte change.
On the other hand, many of them are not educated or have limited knowledge on climate change.
Response posted on 08/09/21 @ 12:00pm
Menue; climate change doesn't discriminate, the science is real. It affects everyone. Africa is vulnerable to climate change. Our leaders are lagging behind and need to support reforms and monitor strict implementation for green technology. 
Response posted on 08/12/21 @ 8:03pm, edited on 08/12/21 @ 8:04pm
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