How can we prepare for extreme flooding?

After a heavy rain, devastating flood hits part of Lagos State Nigeria, what can be done to reduce the future risks? 

Question asked on 07/29/21 @ 4:59am

Extreme flooding in urban centers or rural areas in urban areas clear water tunnel systems are necessary otherwise flooding will occur many urban cities in Africa flood because of poor architecture you can Install water infiltration and attenuation systems ,Sustainable drainage: permeable pavement, sidewalks and gardens these also help significantly as well - Hannah Bamwerinde July 29, 2021 2
I understand from your input that Sustainable building and design is what we will be looking for in the future? - Monday Olu Ilelanwo July 29, 2021 2
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Building wide and deep drainages in every corners to hold water during raining days. Also, citizens should stop using the drainages as their dumpsite to keep dirt. 
Response posted on 08/09/21 @ 11:56am
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