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What are the criteria for becoming an Ambassador?

Question asked on 08/12/21 @ 12:31pm

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I will encourage everyone to become ShareYourself ambassador!

The criteria are simple which includes; Doing an exceptional work on your projects, following other projects, supporting other projects success to achieve their goals, active engagement on ShareYourself website, dedication to your projects. Refer friends, neighbors, organizations, and other change-makers to sign up for ShareYourself and contribute to changing the world. Increase visibility among your circle, by promoting ShareYourself through your social media handles regularly.

Response posted on 08/12/21 @ 7:43pm
I have invited quite a number of people to join ShareYourself and Kingsley has come to my office to do a training for my team. How does SYS know that I did all this? Do I have to post it on SYS?
Response posted on 08/13/21 @ 6:39am
ShareYourself have social media handles on facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; you can as well tag them during your user drive promotion campaign. 
When new users are signing up on the website they are ask "How Did You Hear About ShareYourself"? An option to include the person name that invite them is provided.
Response posted on 08/13/21 @ 7:11am
Ok, bro.  Thank you for the clarification!
Response posted on 08/13/21 @ 8:06am
We encourage you to continue to use ShareYourself tools for your project management and give timely feedback to improve ShareYourself site for yourself and others. 
Response posted on 08/13/21 @ 8:52am
That k you very much I always refer people
Response posted on 11/07/21 @ 8:13pm
This is expository! 
Response posted on 11/19/21 @ 5:47am
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