How Can Africa Take Advantage Of New Renewable Energy Revolution!

With an abundance of solar, wind, and geothermal resources in African countries already; How can Africa be on the delivery end of the new energy revolution?

Question asked on 08/12/21 @ 8:43pm

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This is a very interesting question unfortunately there are many barriers that are existing in place when it comes to governance and the African mentality towards climate change. Having said this the best approach in my opinion is creating awareness. There is still a huge gap in Africa in terms of awareness this awareness does provide options and knowledge for citizens to prepare.
Response posted on 11/06/21 @ 2:36am
Africa have the highest resources and can create any extent of renewable energy, that will be useful, Africa has no barriers, we the Africans are the people causing barriers, take a look at the level of heat in west Africa, it is known that solar energy is the best for energy purposes.
So if an organization can stand up to support startups and ideas of young Africans towards affordable energy, I think we are going to create better ways.
Response posted on 11/07/21 @ 7:53pm
Through doing  continuous awareness so that it can stick in their heads. It comes back to us Africans to take action in our communities it may not mean reaching to big number but rather start with small group in the community , so its from this small groups that will spread the word and then eventually the whole Africa will embrace the new renewable solutions.
Smart kitchen solution in Uganda has started the journey.
Response posted on 11/12/21 @ 2:52am
Through proper development, introducing more investors, an adequate insurance scheme that can backup risk and considering cost effective of the resources.
Response posted on 12/21/21 @ 12:47am
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