Climate Change Education

What would you like to see or recommend to be in a Climate Change Education Manual? 

Question asked on 08/23/21 @ 7:13am

Hello Faith, Hope you are doing great. I would like to speak to you on the need for a Climate change Education Manual. Please call via Whatsapp or Skype on +2348117194249. Thanks - JIMENGI ASAN April 3, 2022
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This is a very interesting question well it depends on the age group or level of education that your catering to. Secondly, your objectives and goals in terms of education do you want them to understand certain concepts. 
Lastly, climate change is very broad therefore is quite tricky to create a manual but you can create certain guidelines for yourself that can help you attain your goal.
Response posted on 11/06/21 @ 2:32am
Pictorial reflect  of greenhouse effect.
Cause of climate change,
Mitigation method .
And mass awareness of man's contribution to it how to reduce it
Response posted on 11/21/21 @ 7:18am
Thank you for your responses. They're really thoughtful. 
Response posted on 12/12/21 @ 10:45pm
Dear faith, 
I would like us to look at the climate change manual for children in the context of Early child development, child psychology and the teachers perspective.  The project Climate Education for school children in Makurdi will hold Focus Group Discussions with key actors to agree on 
1: What can work?
2: Who can work on such documents?
3: The work plan and the communique
4: The frame work for dissemination of Climate Education and so on.
This implies that its not going to be a one way or thought and every actor/ driver is carried along.
How ever the team will also appreciate your input when due. 
Response posted on 04/01/22 @ 8:46am
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