Top 1-2 challenges raising capital

We are very close to finishing our long-awaited Navigating the Money Map program. We’ve been working on it for over two years and we’re getting ready to make it available to entrepreneurs and advisors everywhere. Before we finalize the program we want to make sure we've covered everything. Please tell us: what are your top 1-2 challenges raising money for your venture?

Question asked on 10/25/21 @ 12:05pm

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When I was raising money for my venture the challenges I encountered is that the community people are characterized by low social trust and relatively low level use of technology among my donors which truly hindered my crowdfunding uptake. 

Response posted on 10/25/21 @ 12:54pm
Wow that's interesting. So just to make sure I understand you correctly - do you mean the donors assumed you had low level use of technology and low social trust precisely because you were a social venture?
Response posted on 10/25/21 @ 1:36pm
The donors I get in touch with are mostly old school, they are not catching up with new innovative technology like whenever; I send them link to my project page to send in their donations they become skeptical and also thought young folks don't always do as promised. So hard to get them convinced to donate to a social cause
Response posted on 10/25/21 @ 2:05pm
Thanks that's really helpful to know! We also do educational programs for impact investors/donors and sounds like we should add into our curriculum some awareness building about technology and the power of cross-generational relationships. Appreciate your feedback!
Response posted on 10/25/21 @ 2:10pm
That simply will be helpful to bridge the gap to avoid such occurrences in the near future. 
Response posted on 10/25/21 @ 2:16pm
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