What can you do to get your project published in an online media channel?

ShareYourself just got published today in in NY WeeklyLA WireU.S Reporter and Market Daily, this was pretty big for us and we wanted to share our advice on how to get published in our latest blog here: 


I wanted to open the floor to discussion to see some ways you could get your project recognized in digital media. 

Comment below if you have any additional tips.

Question asked on 11/15/21 @ 1:20pm

I can add to the publication my project from my community to create awareness and knowledge - Etteh Isaiah November 20, 2021 1
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In my community I and my team are already caring out a 2weeks Business that they can start with little money like $5 and yesterday was quite interesting and this contribute to the publication of my poverty alleviation agenda for men and women, youths and widow s videos will soon be uploaded at YouTube channel @Andrew SonofGod
Response posted on 11/21/21 @ 1:33pm
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