Challenges you encountered in wanting to help teenagers

Hey guys! Lets discuss!
During our home to home visit for project Empower the teen and single moms, i noticed something common among the teen moms.
1. Their nonchalant attitude is second to none
2. Haven't come to term with reality
3. One literally needs to talk  them into what is necessary.
And more.
Any experience ?
Pls share with possible solutions 🙏🙏
What are the challenges you encountered in trying to Help teenagers?

Question asked on 01/12/22 @ 3:44pm

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People cannot give what they do not have. Young people are dealing with a lot of challenges; hormonal change, peer pressure, socio-economic challenges, parental pressure and the list goes on and on. We could have a private chat. I suggest you first try to understand who they are, their background, why they are nonchalant, show that you care. I believe that there must be some among them that you can speak with, that can tell you what some of the issues are. You must show that you care about them, more than the project, after all, they are the people you want to empower, make them partners, instead of beneficiaries. I have worked with young people for more than two decades. You must believe in them and make them realize that they can become more. 
Some of them have both victim and entitlement mentality that stems from their background and societal construct.
Response posted on 02/08/22 @ 2:30pm
Thank you sis.!!!!! You nailed it.  Pls check your dm, hv private chated  you
Response posted on 02/18/22 @ 12:17pm
help me
Response posted on 02/20/22 @ 5:47am
In making your request, you ought to be specific, detailed and clear, what area do you need help?
Response posted on 02/22/22 @ 12:53pm
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