What factors do you need to consider in choosing an addiction treatment program?

There are a few factors to consider when determining whether you should seek treatment as an inpatient or outpatientaddiction treatment. The number of times that you use drugs is a good indication. If your drug use has increased to more than once a week, then you may want to seriously consider inpatient rehab.  Check out ths site    https://southeastaddiction.com/   for more info.

Question asked on 03/14/22 @ 3:22am

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You should also consider the following; 
1. If the facility is secure
2. Has a support group
3. Has a holistic program that caters for the spirit, soul and body of the patient
4. If it has professionals/experts
5. If it has a Polygraph Machine
6. The track record of the success of the program
7. The privacy policy
Response posted on 04/13/22 @ 6:48am
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