Crowdsource funding solar projects with Shipping containers serve as the foundation/solar racking.

Solar projects are very rare to see on Which is a shame, because if the solar is locally owned, then it can spread economic success quickly. Locally owned solar projects will allow for other local businesses to thrive- from allowing agricultural businesses to have access to refrigeration, to powering tools, to running water pumps, to allowing internet access & ability to work when it's not sunny. All while replacing kerosene or other dirty forms of creating electricity. While researching other solar farms in developing countries- it seems that it's still a form of imperialism, and most of the economic gains from the solar investment then leaves the country.

IDEA: Use non-sea worthy shipping containers- the top of the solar panels is the top of the solar rack. The solar rack makes an additional shady space. Therefore, storage is produced, along with solar power.  It would also be a good source of recycling EV batteries, so that the solar farms are not connected to the grid. While these EV batteries may not have the power for a vehicle anymore, they could live a 2nd life in storing solar power.

Not only could this model be on with 0% profit, but as a seperate entity, I think the amount of funds raised could be massive if it allowed a 1-4% returns to the micro-lenders. The solar project will always be owned by the local people.

Thank you,
Andrew Rianhard

Question asked on 04/08/22 @ 9:17am, edited on 11/15/22 @ 8:40am

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This is amazing!
Response posted on 04/08/22 @ 11:31am
I just did an editing session, and I know it needs a few more... But I also need feedback so it can be improved. Once the details are worked out, then the idea can be presented to Kiva!
Response posted on 04/08/22 @ 5:01pm, edited on 04/08/22 @ 5:04pm
Currently looking for any team members to help in any capacity! For instance,
 the more variations on Sketchup, the better!
Response posted on 05/20/22 @ 4:12pm, edited on 05/23/22 @ 2:43pm
Added windows to show that these shipping container designs can also serve as secure emergency shelters, tiny homes, or be built in a very quick, utilitarian way using raw wood to reduce cost.
Response posted on 05/21/22 @ 8:27am
Cool, here we go, Andrew!

Response posted on 05/21/22 @ 4:29pm
I got the designs!
Response posted on 05/21/22 @ 4:30pm
Andrew, let's bring the project ON here on ShareYourself!
Response posted on 05/26/22 @ 10:54am
Here is the version that I am building for my family. The goal is that others may be able to copy it, or make improvements to the model. I'm also looking into sourcing a plastic recycling machine here:

Response posted on 11/14/22 @ 12:02pm
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