Using, or this platform: Fund solar projects in developing countries. Shipping containers serve as the foundation/solar racking.

Solar projects are very rare on Creating a solar farm in a 3rd world country where water may be scarce, but sun is not- could have dramatic effect on their local economies. It will allow for other local businesses to thrive- from allowing refrigeration for agricultural businesses that need it, to powering tools, to running water pumps, to allowing internet access & ability to work when it's not sunny. All while replacing kerosene or other dirty forms of energy. While researching other solar farms in developing countries- it seems that it's still a form of imperialism, and most of the economic gains from the solar investment then leaves the country.

IDEA: Use non-sea worthy shipping containers- the top of the solar panels is the top of the solar rack. The solar rack makes an additional shady space. Therefore, storage is produced, along with solar power.  It would also be a good source of recycling the batteries, so that the solar farms are not connected to the grid. For sourcing batteries: use the 1st generation of electric car lithium batteries ( the common range of <100 miles for these cars usually means they are almost obsolete already).

Not only could this model be on, but I think the amount of funds raised could be massive if it allowed a 1-4% returns to the micro-lenders, and then the remaining investment return would go to the local economy.

Thank you,
Andrew Rianhard
Sunrise Valley Tree Farm

Question asked on 04/08/22 @ 9:17am, edited on 04/08/22 @ 5:03pm

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This is amazing!
Response posted on 04/08/22 @ 11:31am
I just did an editing session, and I know it needs a few more... But I also need feedback so it can be improved. Once the details are worked out, then the idea can be presented to Kiva!
Response posted on 04/08/22 @ 5:01pm, edited on 04/08/22 @ 5:04pm
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