How does one share their Shareyourself impact business model to social media?

Maybe it's obvious and I'm missing it?

Question asked on 05/20/22 @ 4:15pm

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Although I dislike social media (Tiktok?) for many reasons, I also think it's an important tool to setting trends with younger folks
Response posted on 05/21/22 @ 8:29am
Here you create a separate social media account on these different social media sites of your choice for the project and share your project impacts with your audience, it gives your project more visibility, and wider reach and can help you raise your targeted project funds thru donations.
I hope it's helpful!
Response posted on 05/21/22 @ 4:38pm
I have 2000-2500 followers who I can present this idea to, if I could share it to Instagram and Facebook. And there is little hope that many of them will create another social media account. I can share the link on it's own to Facebook, however I feel like should make it easier to share to other networks!
Response posted on 05/23/22 @ 2:24pm
Andrew, you have to create the project on ShareYourself website and then you can share the project link to your networks on all social media sites.
I can help guide you on how to create a project!

Response posted on 05/26/22 @ 10:28am
Thank you for your sharing Mr Monday, I am also among people Who prefer to know how I can advertise my business and among the people you will support in doing that let me also get involved
Response posted on 06/21/22 @ 12:43am
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Response posted on 06/21/22 @ 12:46am
Hi Monday, would I be right to say that once the links to the various social media platforms have been provided, all posts automatically go to the platforms or the Project owner has to click on the share button?
Response posted on 06/27/22 @ 3:42pm
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