What housing problems are you witnessing in your community?

i.e., lack of low income housing, homelessness, affordability, limited housing for elderly, etc.

What ideas do you have or have you heard to help combat these issues?

Question asked on 07/09/19 @ 3:11pm

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Affordability. Starting to see multi-generational living and group housing. I’ve done both and it’s been terrific.
Response posted on 07/12/19 @ 11:31am
Real estate is ridiculously over priced.  Then you see multiple housing communities going up that are not within the reach of middle class citizens especially those starting out or close to retirement.  I envision a ghost town of these communities one day.  People are more interested in padding their pockets rather than investing in real communities.  
There always seems to be a catch.  I would suggest more owner invested communities such as a group of  individuals investing in property together and building a their community together.  Such as a tiny home community.  
Response posted on 07/17/19 @ 1:14pm
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