What are some of your social good ideas that you’ve yet to start? What’s the biggest thing holding you back?

We all experience roadblocks that hold us back even before starting. I'd like to know what's holding other people back. Resources? Support? Finances? Time? Confidence? Something else?

Question asked on 07/11/19 @ 12:38pm

I want to travel around and teach veterans artisan skills and trade crafts so they can find a different way to rejoin society. I know it was one of my biggest hurdles after getting out of the service and I know it's an issue for a lot of my brothers and sisters. It may not be the main or only cause of suicide amongst Veterans, but it helped me and I think I can help others in the same way.... Right now my biggest hurdle is in the renovation of my school bus that will be my home, workshop, and classroom. Upgrades have been more costly than originally estimated and transferring large tools from a shop to a mobile platform that needs to hold together long enough to do some good has had more setbacks than I had hoped. It's been difficult to balance the extra costs with basic necessities and basically working two jobs (that I enjoy) plus any side work I can get... I'll get there, just not as fast as I had hoped. - Travis Girten July 16, 2019 1
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Trevor, what a great project. The time + finances are two of the most common hurdles I hear from other project creators experiencing. Do have any fellow veteran friends who might have interest in joining you in this endeavor? Sometimes having a core team of even 2 can help balance out the costs and the time (though it's not for everyone!) 

I think either way, this vision is going to come to fruition in it's own time and I'm excited to see where it takes you! I know a fabricator (mostly metal work, some wood, etc.) in Brooklyn who works and lives on a school bus, if you need a connection to that world at all for advice, idea bouncing, etc. 

Response posted on 07/17/19 @ 10:22am
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