How are you involved in the betterment of your community?

Shout out what you're doing, no matter how big or small.

Question asked on 07/11/19 @ 12:39pm

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I belong to a climate change meet up group, and will be taking the training with Al Gore in a couple of weeks in Minneapolis. I also promote the avoidance of single use plastics.
Response posted on 07/17/19 @ 4:25pm
I am a sustainable fashion advocate. I blog about sustaineble fashion, began a student organization at my school that hosts sustainable fashion shows, and I am currently writing a book about sustainable fashion.
Response posted on 07/19/19 @ 3:22am
I'm part of an affiliate group for the Association of Women in Science (@AWIS_Vermont) and the Career Mobility Committee (@CMC_UVM). AWIS encourages and provides resources to women interested in STEM and the CMC assists PhDs navigate out of academia and into fulfilling careers where they can best impact their community through diverse trajectories.
Response posted on 11/17/19 @ 12:05pm
I am a board member of an all volunteer Outing Club which runs a small ski area operation, looking to expand our four seasons offerings. I also volunteer my time at our local warming center. I am a member of a community task force to bring more arts and recreation to our local town and surrounding communities. As part of my job, I work with neighborhood groups to help them come together, meet and get to know each other to build community and reduce crime. Pretty much I will donate my time and energy to anything that is generating a sense of positivity and purpose in my community.
Response posted on 12/05/19 @ 5:32pm
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