As a female, what's been your biggest challenge within your community, career and social-impact world?

Do you feel like your personal experience has been different than that of men? Harder? Less accessible?

What is your community doing to improve equality?

Let's kindly share our experiences and support!

Question asked on 07/11/19 @ 12:42pm

My biggest roadblock I am currently encountering particularly in this area is ageism. It is so slap in the face real! I've worked hard all of my adult life and then said company lets me go because I cost too much! What happened to being loyal to employees as they sure have been loyal to them. When applying to companies, it's not difficult to figure out your age and when they do, - Melanie Franks July 17, 2019 2
Feeling stuck when I have a lot of potential, especially with regards to my skills, abilities, and passions. I also want to be able to create something impactful based on my interests. - Elizabeth Allred November 8, 2019 1
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I've found it much harder for people to trust me in areas where I am highly educated and have experience. I'm a molecular biologist, but if I offer friends (not in science) who want advice relating to biological matters, I've very frequently been ignored by males, even if I mention the studies upon which the information I provide is based. This really hit home after I went through an entire PhD program, only to realize that this tendency to be discounted was unaffected. 

I'm part of a new (affiliate) group forming in VT of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) that hopes to become a chapter (@AWIS_Vermont). The kind of discounting I've described is really discouraging; AWIS serves to push on the other end of that spectrum (encouraging!). I'm really proud that this group is starting to develop in my community!
Response posted on 11/17/19 @ 11:59am
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