Working with sponsors?

Has anyone ever used sponsors for their project?

SYS member Travis Girten recently enlightened me that sponsors are a good resource that often goes untapped by community projects. When asking him what tactics or advice he has on how to go about connecting with local businesses for sponsorship, he says, "I've found that on-site cold calls usually work the best when looking for sponsors. Putting a name and face to the charity or event always helps the sponsor feel more comfortable and excited to give all that they can. It's important to meet with the right person and make them feel like part of the team even before they commit. Its good to talk about possible public interactions and opportunities where the sponsor can both help the project and gain potential new customers."

Do you have any other advice or tactics in regards to sponsors?

Question asked on 07/23/19 @ 5:04pm

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I have a question about working with sponsors too - are they helpful when focused on specific projects or events, or just helpful in general? It would be amazing if there were a list of potential sponsors we could approach, in case that's something you can help us with!!
Response posted on 11/20/19 @ 12:14pm
I'd also love to hear more about working with (attaining) sponsors. I feel like the right thing to do, when you don't know who the 'right person to talk to' is, is to email and then try to get to a phone or face-to-face conversation from there, but it's so easy for emails to be dismissed/ignored and never get to that point. 
Response posted on 11/29/19 @ 9:32am
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