I still need help navigating this system and understanding how to interact with others.

Please help me utilize this system to coordinate with others.

Question asked on 01/03/20 @ 8:24am

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Hi Janet, I can certainly help you with that! In what ways would you like to interact with others and who would you like to interact with?

You can bring people on who are already involved with your project by "inviting a helper." From there, once added to your tribe, you can all use the Tasks to coordinate the work that needs to be done and have internal communications through your own project group chat.

You can engage with other community members by seeing who needs help (opportunities) or by contributing to other forum conversations, etc.

Let me know if this overview helps, and if not we can hop on the phone! 
Response posted on 01/03/20 @ 10:38am
can we talk?
Response posted on 01/07/20 @ 8:48pm
Of course! Messaging you now to find a time 
Response posted on 01/08/20 @ 1:31pm
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