How I get people in my tribe?

How do I invite people to my tribe?

Question asked on 01/20/20 @ 2:42pm

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Hi Halima!

There are two ways to add someone to your project tribe.

First, go to your project page and click on "Tribe" at the top.

1.If it is someone you know who is not on ShareYourself, go click the blue "invite a tribe member" on your project page. Once they receive the invite, they must sign up, follow your project, and then they can request to join your tribe or you can add them yourself through tribe settings.

2. If it is an existing member on ShareYourself, you can follow them and then add them to your tribe, by clicking the blue button "add tribe member"

Please let me know if this works out for you!
Response posted on 01/20/20 @ 3:00pm
Thank you for your help dear.
Response posted on 01/20/20 @ 3:08pm
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