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How can enlist and call to give orientation on my project to team members on SYS

Question asked on 02/20/20 @ 12:05am

Hi Imaemugh, please if your question is about giving orientation to your project team (tribe), please follow the following steps; 1. Get the persons to sign up on the ShareYourself platform and complete their profile. 2. Ask them to follow you, and you also follow back. 3. Send them an invitation on the platform to join your tribe (project team). 4. Ask them to accept. Then you're good to go. You can have a chat with them on the platform and discuss your project. On the contrary, if this is not what you're asking, then Mitch will be in touch with you, just as Lauren said. Regards - KINGSLEY ADINDU February 20, 2020 1
everything Kingsley said is correct! - Lam Phan February 20, 2020 1
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Hi Imaemugh, thanks for your question! Mitch hosts the orientation call for grants and should be in touch with you shortly!
Response posted on 02/20/20 @ 7:57am
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