Funds retirement

What is the procedure for retirement of funds expended during a project

Question asked on 02/23/20 @ 12:50am

If you win the grant, the procedure will be outlined to you. For now, do not bother with that. - KINGSLEY ADINDU February 23, 2020 2
Once the grant is closed, our team will evaluate all the applications and projects, and we will notify the winners via emails! - Lam Phan February 25, 2020
The site is too transparent and everybody here opt to be transparent in rendering accounts of stewardship. The project we created is meant for betterment of the public and I believe that showing evidence of grant fund spending is worthwhile. - IFEANYI APARI March 17, 2020
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Exactly, Kingsley! If chosen to receive the grant, we will simply ask for proof of spending in the form of receipts as the money is spent. We can talk further if needed!
Response posted on 02/24/20 @ 7:51pm
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