Difference between service and opportunity

Please I'd like to understand the difference between service and opportunities on SYS platform. I posted a particular service (some service I could render), but I'm getting requests from members to enlist them on service stated...

Question asked on 02/23/20 @ 1:12pm, edited on 02/23/20 @ 1:13pm

You can simply correct them. Some users are new here and are yet to understand how the SYS platform works. - KINGSLEY ADINDU February 23, 2020 3
Services are skills you're willing to get paid for that you advertise here. Opportunities on the other hand are open vacancies or useful businesses or grants or volunteer openings that users could take advantage of. - KINGSLEY ADINDU February 23, 2020 2
Many thanks Kingsley - AFRONELLY WONNE February 23, 2020 3
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Thank you for your help here Kingsley! It looks lie you have used services on your profile correctly - offering coaching to those interested in receiving it. If someone contacts you offering the same, please feel free to explain it's an opportunity you are making.  Which by the way, love that you are doing. The SYS team thanks you!!
Response posted on 02/24/20 @ 7:49pm
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