How can I raise fund for my projects?

I have some projects that need to be funded for the benefit of Chadian community. I want to be connected with institutions that could fund such projects 

Question asked on 03/02/20 @ 10:06am

Through 1. SYS Grant 2. Local government support 3. Peer support. 4. Personal funds - KINGSLEY ADINDU March 2, 2020 3
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Hi Mahamat - here is a link to some questions we've answered regarding funding (they are snippets of our blog which you can also read for more information on on funding.

Not mentioned there, but mentioned by Kingsley in his comment - we always have grants available for ShareYourself members - you can find them here.

If you ever have questions about whether or not your project qualifies, you can send me a message!
Response posted on 03/02/20 @ 8:28pm
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