I discovered that members that have account in ShareYourself still find it a bit difficult to understand and differentiate between Task Creation, Milestones and Opportunities in this platform. I wish if the site management could  post an update to that effect or allow me to post an update to enlighten others 

Question asked on 03/17/20 @ 4:44pm

Hi IFEANY! I hope I can answer your question with enough information to help you understand the difference between all of these features.

Tasks: are essentially to-do list items for your project. For example: create and print informational pamphlet about human trafficking. This has a specific due date you'd like to complete it by, etc.

Milestones: are groups in which the tasks live so that you can organize them. For example, the task I mentioned may live in the milestone: Spreading Awareness or, some people like to make their milestones by month if they have a list of tasks they'd like to get completed by then. The important thing to remember is that milestones help you organize your different to-do lists for your project.

Opportunities are needs you might have that you want the community to know about so that someone who can help is able to apply. For example, maybe you need access to a printer for the informational pamphlets, or maybe you want a skilled writer or designer to help you create them. You would create an opportunity for this to explain what you need and what type of helper you're looking for. They then can directly apply to that opportunity.

You can make general updates right from your project page which will show up in the activity feed of people who follow you, as well as live on your project page for anyone who goes to visit it. You can also post updates to specific tasks, but writing in the comment box of the task itself. You will need to open the task and then you'll see the text box below it. When you write updates in this text area, those who follow you will see the update and it will also be published to your project page.

Does this help with clarification of the different features you mentioned? - Lauren McKenna March 28, 2020 1
Thank you. It is well understood - IFEANYI APARI March 28, 2020
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