How do I manage my tribe?

Specifically, in regards to our communication system.

Question asked on 12/10/18 @ 12:44pm, edited on 01/05/19 @ 3:42pm

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The first thing you should do is determine how you want your tribe to communicate. Is it mostly in person? Over the phone? Are you going to utilize a project management tool like Slack or create a shared Google Calendar? We recommend a combination of all of the above, as long as you make sure that everyone in your tribe knows how you’ll be staying in touch. Take a poll from your tribe to see in which ways they best communicate. Then, look through the communication platforms we recommend and do some of your own research as well. Once you find one that fits your preferences and needs, familiarize yourself prior to your first meeting so you can show everyone else the ropes if needed.

Response posted on 12/10/18 @ 3:56pm
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