Staying home without anything to eat during this pandemic for the less privileged is heartbreaking, what seems to be the way out

Question asked on 05/06/20 @ 4:42pm

Creating a project and mobilizing resources to reach out to people. The covid welfare grant is one of such grant assistance being offered by ShareYourself. Create a project and apply for the grant. - Kingsley Adindu May 6, 2020 4
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Source for Food items donations from rich community elites, Individuals, other private sectors, Associations, Religious bodies and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's).
Response posted on 05/09/20 @ 2:11pm
You can start a food drive, reach out to your family and friends then you Help the vulnerable households.
Response posted on 05/09/20 @ 2:12pm
Change begins with you. It doesnt have to be large-scale, start with helping one person. The Food palliative grant by the SYS ambassador also provides an opportunity for you to access financial support to expand your change process and help more people. But ultimately, it starts with you, with or without external support, you can help your community in your own little way. 

Paraphrasing the words of the great John F. Kennedy during his inaugural speech - Think of what you can do for your community, not what others/your community can do for you. 

Go for it Olubukola!
Response posted on 05/14/20 @ 3:00am
We are all stakeholders in the change process. While I agree the kick-starting food drive and campaigns in your community is a plausible idea, it is important that we think about the sustainability of whatever idea we have; we need to understand also that the Covid19 pandemic has changed the way things are done: most businesses have gone online.

It means that only those with that creative ability to generate ideas that provide value worthy of people's money online that can succeed there.

I therefore recommmed that you consider learning and possibly teaching on how people can make money from home. This, I think is more sustainable that giving people food.

This food will finish some time soon. Teach how to make fish. Don't just give fish!

I hope you find this useful, Olubukola.
Response posted on 05/27/20 @ 7:06am
Government is providing parliatives
Response posted on 11/08/21 @ 6:25am
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