Difficulty in accessing the dashboard

Please how do l go back to my application on COVID 19 welfare grant (Nigeria )step by step.l find it difficult to go back and cross check my work.

Question asked on 05/07/20 @ 8:31am

Hi Eno - AFRONELLY WONNE May 10, 2020 1
What dashboard are you referring to? Is it project task? - AFRONELLY WONNE May 10, 2020 1
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Please can you be more specific with your question? Or perhaps can you rephrase so it can be attended to! 
Response posted on 08/14/20 @ 10:58am
I think once you click on where is stated Grant, it will take you to your application grants that you can edit for update. Try it and hope that help.
Response posted on 08/21/20 @ 4:12pm
Once a grant is submitted you can only view it not edit it
Response posted on 11/08/21 @ 6:24am
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