How is this app reputation gain?

Question asked on 05/11/20 @ 10:52pm

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The reputation system on ShareYourself is based on accruing points by utilizing the site. For instance, asking a question, responding to questions, and marking a question answered, all add reputation points. Reputation extends beyond Ask; having a completed profile adds points to your reputation as well as using the Task Management system. For certain actions, we want to reward the user with a badge. Everyone receives the Welcome Aboard badge when they join the site.

The more you use the site, the more you'll gain reputation.
Response posted on 05/12/20 @ 1:13pm
Thank you. 
I'm inform now.
I gained.
Response posted on 05/13/20 @ 2:45pm
I have always wanted to ask this question. Thanks for asking, Monday and a big big 'Gracias' to Alex for shedding light on this subject. 
Response posted on 05/14/20 @ 2:56am
You're welcome Sandra.
Response posted on 05/14/20 @ 8:12am
Thank you so much Alex, your clarification is quite helpful.

Response posted on 05/27/20 @ 7:11am
Thanks sir, we need more information on how to use the tools.
Response posted on 06/05/20 @ 12:46pm
Awesome, thanks for the insight Mr Alex. 

This was really a helpful question Mr Monday 
Response posted on 08/14/20 @ 3:27am
Awesome response Mr Alex
Response posted on 08/21/20 @ 7:08pm
Thank you so much. This is really helpful!
Response posted on 09/21/20 @ 6:35pm
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