Is it compulsory to close a task?

Question asked on 05/17/20 @ 8:38pm

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Hi Monday! Closing a task is not required by any means, but it might help with organizing your project and goals. Once you have closed a task, you are still able to view it. If you don't close a task, other users on the site are able to see that you have overdue tasks. At the end of the day, it all depends on your personal preference and organization. 
Response posted on 05/18/20 @ 11:03am
I understood now. Thank you.
Response posted on 05/18/20 @ 11:40am
I'm enlighten. I'm grateful.
Response posted on 05/18/20 @ 11:46am
Awesome... Thanks for the feedback. 

It's really enlightening 
Response posted on 08/15/20 @ 4:48pm
Awesome response
Response posted on 08/20/20 @ 5:06pm
I see
Response posted on 10/16/20 @ 7:11pm
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