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How do you add team members to your project? 

Question asked on 06/06/20 @ 10:22am

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Lauren best answers how to add team members in the follow questions:

And in our FAQ:
Response posted on 06/08/20 @ 11:36am
Check the FAQ section 
Response posted on 08/13/20 @ 4:51pm
  1. Invite Team members to your Project onto ShareYourself. 
    Projects with a strong team of dedicated core members that can help the project creator are more likely to succeed. Do you have people in your life that are helping you with this project? If so, now is the time to reach out. Invite them to join your efforts on ShareYourself by visiting the Team tab on your project page, clicking “Invite a Team Member,” and inputting their email.
Dennis I hope this help?
Response posted on 08/13/20 @ 4:53pm
Nice response Mr Michael
Response posted on 08/20/20 @ 5:58pm
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