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My team members are experiencing difficulty accepting my invite, what do we need to do to fix this?

Question asked on 06/20/20 @ 7:36pm

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Please Note

If you are struggling to add team members to your project please follow these instructions, 

1. Ensure the team member you want to add to your project is signed up with a complete profile on ShareYourself. 
2. Follow the members you want to add to your project, and have them follow you back. 
3. Have the member you want to add to your team follow your project. 
4. Then invite them to join your project by going to your project profile page then clicking on team, and clicking on add a new team member. 
5. Additionally, the members that you'd like to join your project can also request to join your project, they can do this by going to your project page which can be found by using the search bar on the discover page, or by scrolling through the projects on the discover page.
Response posted on 06/21/20 @ 4:55am
Thank you, Kinsley.
I have done all of that, still they are unable to accept the invite. It keeps telling them the project doesn't exist. Could it be because the project has not been reviewed or approved? If yes, how long does it take to get approval?
Response posted on 06/21/20 @ 2:43pm
If your invitees are having trouble accepting the invitation, please create a support ticket and we will look into the issue. In the future, please reserve Ask for community oriented questions

Response posted on 06/22/20 @ 12:17pm, edited on 06/22/20 @ 12:23pm
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