Posts that highlight projects and grant winners.

ShareYourself Community Q & A

On December 11th 2021 ShareYourself hosted our first Facebook live event. During this event many questions were asked by ShareYourself community members. We feel that others who were unable to attend the event would benefit from seeing the questions and answers here in the form of a blog! At the end of this blog we will be linking the invitation for our next live stream event in January. We hope to see you there.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on December 17, 2021


ShareYourself project highlight: Senior Tails

Melinda Glavin spent a large portion of her time as veterinarian euthanizing animals that were either too old or had behavioral problems. For many of these euthanizations Glavin would provide them as an in-home service, a very expensive service that makes the animals feel more comfortable in their final moments. Seeing the discrepancy between dogs that are euthanized alone in shelters versus dogs that are euthanized at their home, this inspired Glavin to create a non profit called Senior Tails, a project dedicated to giving dogs a happy home in their final moments of life.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on October 20, 2021


#ShareYour Impact Contest!

The #ShareYourImpact campaign challenges you to take action, make a difference to your community, and to sign up for our platform to create a project, apply for grants, and support other projects across the globe that you believe in.

Posted by LC Hines on April 20, 2021


The Man Saving Mangroves in Nigeria

In an interview with Jerry Chidi, a documentary photographer, Chidi talks about mangroves and all of the ways people are destroying mangroves. Additionally, Chidi talks about his most recent ShareYourself project called: Plant a Mangrove and how he used a ShareYourself grant to accomplish the project.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on April 02, 2021


Climate Action 2 Grant - Winner Spotlight: Charles Tinimowei

Charles Tinimowei, one of the winners of the recent Climate Action Grant 2, talks about his history working to improve plastic waste management in Lagos State, Nigeria. By collecting plastic waste and recycling them into flower pots and other afforestation tools, Charles and his project, Project Replast are lowering pollution, improving community health, and reducing flooding.

Posted by LC Hines on December 17, 2020


Newest ShareYourself Features from November

The ShareYourself team has decided to begin creating monthly blogs where we discuss the newest features on ShareYourself and show everyone how to use/access them. If you have any ideas for new features we would love to hear them.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on December 03, 2020


COVID Response Grant - West Africa Grant Winner Spotlight: Olanike Timipa-Uge

Olanike Timipa-Uge was our winner of the COVID Response Grant - West Africa. Olanike shares the inspiration behind her Safe Girls Project, along with firsthand experiences working with adolescent girls, her project goals, as well as the long term effects of the project in Nigeria.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on July 17, 2020


A Few Extraordinary Project Creators: Women's History Month

As Women’s History Month is coming to an end, we want to take the opportunity to recognize a few of the extraordinary women on our platform.

Posted by Kunthea Relinski on March 31, 2020


Climate Solution Grant Winner Spotlight: Heather Fromkin

Learn more about Heather Fromkin: sculptor, environmentalist, and winner of the ShareYourself Climate Solution Grant

Posted by Kunthea Relinski on February 13, 2020


The Grant Winners

Last month and for the first time ever, ShareYourself announced that we would be giving two $500 grants to creators of social-good projects in order to propel their endeavors forward. Receiving over a dozen submissions, we’re excited to announce the recipients, who used every extent of the platform to manage their work and their team.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on July 05, 2019


Project Creator Interview: Tom Stanton Presenting at ComCap conference

Tom Stanton is a Michigan-based resident nearing retirement age, and he cares deeply about his retirement funds helping his community. Tom’s passion is bringing him and ShareYourself founder and CEO, Stu McGowan, to the 2019 ComCap conference hosted by NC3 being held in Detroit from June 11-13, 2019. There, they’ll be presenting about the Open Space Philosophy and using ShareYourself to organize participation with the 300+ attendees.

Posted by Lauren McKenna on June 03, 2019


ShareYourself Grant Opportunity

For the first time ever, ShareYourself is hosting a small-grant opportunity for social-good entrepreneurs!

Posted by Lauren McKenna on May 31, 2019


Project Creator Interview: Jes Scribner of Birdhous

Jes introduces us to Birdhous, her farm and learning laboratory for young farmers in VT. She talks to us about collaboration, self-employment, accountability and saving agriculture.

Posted by Lauren McKenna on April 29, 2019


Project Creator Interview: Jenni Bee of Migrant Children Memorial

ShareYourself member Jenni Bee just started her project, a public art installation memorializing migrant children. We’re tracking her process and she needs your help. This is part one of a series of conversations with Jenni.

Posted by Lauren McKenna