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Tips to take project photos that will attract helpers, followers, and potential teammates.

Posted by Kunthea Relinski on March 04, 2020

Pictures can be worth a thousand words. Here are some tips to make sure that you are taking quality photos that will attract helpers, followers, and potential teammates.

  1. Size

Crop your photos into a square! On our Discover page, project photos are displayed in a square window. By uploading photos in a square format, you can ensure that you are choosing exactly what you want to be shown on the platform.

  1. Framing

Follow the rule of thirds. This is a basic photography technique that will help you create well-balanced and interesting photos.

The rule of thirds breaks down an image into nine parts. The theory behind the rule of thirds is that you should focus the part of the image that you want to highlight in one of the intersections or along the lines of the grid. People’s eyes tend to go to one of the intersections rather than the center of a photo. Most cameras and smartphones have settings where you can turn on a grid to help you frame your photos!

  1. Turn Off Your Flash

If you are shooting on a smartphone, the flash is simply an LED light. The light can sometimes project a strange hue and unintentionally blur certain areas of the photo. Instead, search for sources of natural lighting. This will create a truer tone and give an airy quality to your photo that artificial light can not achieve.

  1. Keep It Simple

  • Sometimes photos can become overwhelming with a busy frame. Don’t be afraid of negative space, it can sometimes create a beautiful composition. 

  • Avoid putting text on your photos. Unless it is a logo or the name of the project, the photo should speak for itself. On the discover page, the name of your project is displayed right underneath the photo so use the photo as an opportunity to showcase the work that you are doing or striving to do.

  • Make sure it is family-friendly!

  1. Make Them Your Own!

Lastly, photos uploaded on ShareYourself must be your own content! Additionally, make sure your photos are not screenshots. Screenshots reduce the quality of the image. Original images are always best.

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Useful tips Thea. I'll sure keep these points in mind when next is shoot for my project. Regards. - KINGSLEY ADINDU March 4, 2020
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