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Posted by Kunthea Relinski on March 02, 2020
ShareYourself is changing! Upon user feedback and internal reflection, we have decided to remove our use of the word ‘tribe’. The word ‘tribe’ often masks the complex histories and realities of communities around the globe and can promote misleading stereotypes. While it is still commonly used and may not be offensive to some, the word ‘tribal’ was often used synonymously with ‘primitive’ or ‘savage’ by European colonists. We do not intend to further the myth of cultural timelessness or to appropriate those who continue to use the word ‘tribe’ as a part of their identity. Out of respect for these individuals, nations, and communities, we are now implementing the word ‘team’. The word ‘team’ is universal and we hope that it will bolster the inclusive community that we are trying to foster on and within our platform.

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Thanks for the heads up Thea. - KINGSLEY ADINDU March 3, 2020
Looks Great. Team❗ - AFRONELLY WONNE March 3, 2020
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