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Learn more about Kingsley Adindu: environmentalist, teacher, and winner of the ShareYourself Climate Solution Grant.

Posted by Kunthea Relinski on February 14, 2020

“When I saw the advert for the climate grant, I felt it was an opportunity to educate people about Sustainable Development Goals,” Kingsley Adindu said.

Adindu started SDGs for Kids to teach children the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals and to inspire them to take action. He is bringing the global issue of climate change to a local level throughout various communities in Nigeria.

“It is an opportunity to educate the little ones and to teach them what is not in their curriculum: how to interact with the environment, how to protect their environment and how to take action concerning the changing climate.”

Adindu is an environmentalist based out of Nigeria. He volunteers with many various organizations but has turned his attention to his project SDGs for Kids. The project focuses on children between the ages of four and ten. The goal is to educate the children on the 17 different SDGs created by the UN through the use of visual aids and small activities.

“The last time I was in the school, I did a program and talked to the children about personal hygiene. For SDG 3, Good Health and Well-Being, the project was hand washing. You wash your hands, you have less germs on your hands when you eat your food, you don’t fall sick and so on,” Adindu describes. He is creating similar activities, projects, and lessons for each goal.


The majority of instructional materials are visual items because it helps the children connect to the information; however, obtaining these materials is one of the larger issues. Printing banners and cards in color costs money, therefore, part of Adindu’s grant will be put into creating more visual aids.

“We are also looking into getting a projector,” Adindu said. “Something we can use to screen and show cartoons that have to do with the SDGs. I saw some very good materials and that’s how we are looking at spending the grant.”

After this is done, Adindu is looking beyond the grant. He is looking to scale the project from primary schools to secondary schools and for the children to implement the things that they are learning at school, in their own homes.

“The kids have now learned about managing their waste properly. If they are doing it in school without anyone telling them to do so means that it is something that they must have adopted at home.”

Not only are the children learning and adopting new habits, but they are also excited to do so.

“I was also reminded of our tree planting,” he laughed. The plan is to plant two or three trees at every school.“They are going to plant a tree sometime this February. So someone reminded me, ‘when are we going to plant our tree?’”

Long term, Adindu wants to see that the project is felt in the community and also make sure that the teachers will be able to keep implementing environmental education. Each short term project such as planting trees, teaching children about hand washing and how to manage their waste, is one step on the road to creating a generally more sustainable community in Nigeria.

“Twitter is my platform for environmental advocacy. That is where I got to know about ShareYourself. I took a chance and applied for the climate grant and it has been an amazing experience since then.”

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Indeed, it has been a wonderful experience. I encourage others to come onboard the ShareYourself platform. This is where the magic happens. - KINGSLEY ADINDU February 14, 2020 1
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