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Last month and for the first time ever, ShareYourself announced that we would be giving two $500 grants to creators of social-good projects in order to propel their endeavors forward. Receiving over a dozen submissions, we’re excited to announce the recipients, who used every extent of the platform to manage their work and their team.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on July 05, 2019
Janice Shade, creator of The Initiative for Local Capital - an innovation lab that promotes economic justice for all. 

The Initiative for Local Capital grew out of the Invest Local education series started by Milk Money in 2015. Their projects are designed to deepen and expand financial understanding, and to provide more and better opportunities for anyone, regardless of wealth level, to invest their money in alignment with their values. The continued growth of Community Capital will encourage entrepreneurship among people who might otherwise struggle or even abandon a business plan because they don't have access to start-up or growth capital. 

Janice is currently working on How to Create a Money Map: Things You Need to Know Before Raising Capital, an e-book for entrepreneurs who are getting ready to raise money for their business, to help them understand the many different types and sources of capital (and the strings attached) so they can choose a money strategy that's best for them. It'll be available through their website and through the National Coalition for Community Capital

 “It's everything I wish I'd known before I started raising money for my first start-up, and a lot of what I've learned over the years helping others do the same for their start-ups. My hope is that it will create better-informed entrepreneurs who can approach money decisions from a place of strength and confidence, and shift the power dynamics associated with investment relationships to be more balanced and equitable for all involved.” 

Janice is about halfway done with content creation and aims to have the writing done by mid-July. Then design work begins. She’ll need some help with cover design and interior layout, which is what she plans to use the grant money for. 

“I'm excited to try the Opportunities function of ShareYourself to find a designer to help with the cover art. I also think it will be a great platform for helping spread the word about the book to get it in the hands of people who will find it useful.” 

Local Capital

Jes Scribner, creator of the The Roosting Program at Birdhous Gardens - making agricultural enterprises affordable and attainable for the next generation of environmental stewards. 

The Roosting Program is an incubator for young farmers to test out their ideas and receive business and branding advice before investing in their own land. Jes came up with the idea for Birdhous, the farm in which the Roosting Program lives, because the vast majority of the farmer population is aging and reaching retirement age and a lot of them have no idea what they're going to do with their land when they retire. “They don't have transfer plans, which means a lot of that land is going to end up in development. And we need food -- so we need farms. And young people want farms and food, but their access to land is incredibly cost-preventative.”

Jes is planning to use the grant money to purchase a "sprinkler booster pump" which would bring much more reliable irrigation to the Birdhous gardens and to the Roosters. 

“One of our residents had the initiative to ask for and receive permission to irrigate his acreage allotment from the Barton River. This takes a lot of strain off of our home plumbing system, but will require a $6k investment on his part. Not all of our Roosters can afford such an investment, nor can Birdhous afford to make that large of an investment at this time. So, several other gardens utilize the water and well pump of our residential home and produce minimal pressure which is not adequate for our sprinkler systems and will not support further garden expansion nor the automated watering systems which would make our operations more realistic and sustainable.

Our hope is for Birdhous to serve as a nest in which to experiment, but you can't relax into experiments until the bases are covered. Need food? Need farms. Need food? Need water. With the sprinkler booster pump we will be able to host larger and/or more intensive projects for years to come.”

Receiving this grant has inspired and motivated Jes and crew to apply for more state grants. 

We previously interviewed Jes for our blog, in case you missed it.  

Jes Scribner

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