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While working on a project management platform, it is important that we preach what we teach and use our own tool.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on September 13, 2019

At ShareYourself, we are constantly assigning work to each other for all kinds of different projects, and it gets to a point where it may be a bit confusing to remember who is working on what. With our project management system, I can easily refresh my memory and see all of the tasks my colleagues and I need to complete. 

Assigning Tasks

At ShareYourself, we either assign tasks during our weekly meetings as soon as the tasks are mentioned, or we assign them in between meetings during conversations in ShareYourself Tribe Chat. I find creating tasks as soon as possible to be the most  helpful. We do this just in case it is a long meeting where many tasks are being assigned and my colleagues and I may forget about the tasks or who is doing what tasks. By doing this, it ensures that everyone will know what they need to be working on after the meeting and will lead to productivity.

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Browsing Projects 

As a member, I love seeing new projects on ShareYourself especially when I see projects that I am personally able to help with. I also enjoy seeing project updates, and growth within projects.

Typically when I am browsing projects I always look at the Featured Projects on our Discover page. The projects that are on this page are typically highly involved projects that are growing every day.

Any member can get their project onto the featured page by creating tasks, completing tasks, and posting project updates. Getting onto our Featured Page is great for exposure for your project and can lead to new opportunities with new people. 

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Browsing People

Just like with projects, I love seeing new people join ShareYourself.  It is neat to see all of these people with different skill sets all coming together to form this community on ShareYourself. ShareYourself provides an easy way to connect with new people.

The more active members on ShareYourself will appear first on our Discover Page, this will make it so that you have a higher chance of connecting with new people, who could have really great opportunities for you to help with. 

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Asking/Answering Questions

Our Ask feature on ShareYourself is very helpful for not only all of the members in our community, but it’s also helpful for us because we frequently find ourselves using it too. 

What I like about the Ask feature, is that you are asking a question you are able to include a title, photographs, and tags. This is great for helping to specify your question. For instance, you may have a question about something that is difficult to explain, and including a photo can be helpful! 

Questions on ShareYourself will never be deleted, there will always be a catalogue of answered questions for any member to look at, this is helpful if you have a question that has already been answered in the past, you will be able to just find the answer right away by checking through past questions.

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Opportunities is another great way to gain exposure on ShareYourself and propel your project forward. On your Project Page you are able to post Opportunities for that project that you need help with. These Opportunities can be anything from volunteering Opportunities to paid Opportunities. 

We have used the Opportunities page to look for assistance in marketing, we set our Opportunity to less than 10 hours needed (daily) with a duration of 1 to 3 months of work. 

Any member can create an Opportunity and creating one is a great way to express to all the other members on ShareYourself that you need help. This is also great for when you want to make more connections on the platform. 

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Christopher Lewis, and myself (Mitchell O’Neill) have Opportunities currently listed on ShareYourself. I posted a service because I want to see every project on ShareYourself be successful, and I believe if I can help with any piece or aspect of the project we can bring it one step closer. 

Any ShareYourself member can offer a Service on ShareYourself even if you do not have your own active project. You can post a Service from your Profile by selecting the Services tab, from their you can post new Services and edit existing Services. 

You can title your Service, choose when you are available to provide your Service and you can also include your location and some of your skills in case your Service requires you to be physically located near the project. 

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All in all, there is not only one way to use ShareYourself. Just because we use ShareYourself in one way, does not mean that it’s the only way to use the platform. 

Everyone has their own style when managing projects, while one member could have one central milestone and larger goals on ShareYourself, another member can have many small milestones with smaller goals that build into a bigger picture. 

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