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Raising money for your project on ShareYourself can be challenging and we want to help your project succeed. Below is a quick guide on how to help your project achieve funding.

Posted by Mitchell O'Neill on October 08, 2021


One of the best ways to make your project stand out on ShareYourself is to be transparent. The easiest way to do this is to create reasonably attainable Tasks and Milestones for your project. You should also frequently share project updates.

Your projects Task and Milestones are always visible to anyone unless you decide to privatize them for any reason. Having publicly visible Tasks and Milestones is a great way to show potential donors that your project is real, still being worked on and is active. This will help your projects get more donations.

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Social Media

Many ShareYourself project creators go above and beyond and create social media pages for their ShareYourself project. This is a great opportunity to gain more exposure for your project. Additionally, many project creators share their ShareYourself project on their personal social media pages when they are raising funds. In most cases a large majority of your fundraising is going to come from your own friends and family.

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A simple email can go a very long way. Consider emailing prominent members and businesses in your community. Depending on the initiative that your project is solving, these people might share an interest in solving that same issue and could donate to your project. This strategy is much more effective if your project is focused on your own physical community too, every business owner wants to see their community improved.

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Sitckers & Printing

Printing fliers, banners, or even stickers is a relatively cheap and effective method for bringing people to your project page. Nowadays most people carry a cell phone with them everywhere they go, they can easily look up your project on the go. You can even use free QR code generating websites to allow people to find your project just by opening their phone's camera and scanning your QR code.

ShareYourself is currently working on a way to generate QR codes for every project, stay tuned for this new feature in the coming months.

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The ShareYourself team

We are always willing to help share your project and give you advice for your project. Feel free to reach out to me personally at [email protected] and we can come up with a strategy together for helping your project grow. We love when the ShareYourself community reaches out to us. 

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